There is very little car parking at the WI building and we need to keep these clear for contributors, committee members bringing equipment, and other members with mobility issues. The alternatives are as follows;

Morrisons Supermarket. Just across the Warwick Road from the WI and parking is currenly free for a strict maximum of 2 1/2 hours, this is controlled by an automated number plate recognition system and exceeding the time limit will incur a penalty of £80. So do not overstay your welcome here. There is sufficient time for a Tuesday meeting though if you time your arrival to be a little after 7.30 pm.

Touchwood public car park. Rarely full on Tuesday evenings and a fixed price after 6.00 pm of less than £2. Safe and secure parking, about a ten minute walk to the WI through Touchwood and Mell Square.

The Royal British Legion. We have negotiated the free use of their top car park (outside the gated area). Only a couple of minutes walk away. Let the doorman in their club house know that you are a member of SPS other wise they may just clamp your car. There are 15 spaces here. Do not use the area inside the gates.